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Rauno Ruus

Rauno is the founder of Baltic Athletics Inc. His main role is being the face of Baltic Athletics. He loves getting out to see customers and has a gift for remembering names ;)

He’s been in the sporting good business for almost 40 years and loves every minute of it! If you need any sporting equipment, team uniforms, clothing or wall padding, Rauno is the guy to talk to.

Outside of work, Rauno is a Hockey referee, and a Slowpitch umpire. He loves being outside in the Summer doing almost anything from yard work, biking, tenting, fishing, kayaking.

Corina Ruus

Corina is our jack-of-all-trades! She handles all of Baltic’s bookkeeping, as well as heads up the Team Order Management projects. You may also receive a response from Corina when you contact us via email.

Outside of work, she likes to scrapbook, read and travel. Rauno & Corina have 3 kids and 2 grand-babies that keep them busy.

Mikayla Patenaude

Mikayla has many roles in the company but the one she enjoys the most is handling the art department. She also manages clothing orders, assists Corina in the Team Order Management department, and helps respond to Baltic emails.

Mikayla is married to Justin, who is a web designer, and they have two young children. Outside of work, Mikayla holds an interior design certificate. She also likes to play piano and guitar, and is always practicing photography.

Chloe Ruus

Chloe helps receive and process the clothing orders that come in our doors. She assists with Team Order Management, and is a great asset to our Baltic team.

Chloe enjoys playing with her niece & nephew, baking, painting, and studying astronomy. She is also a huge Marvel fan (really – if you want to know anything about Marvel, she most likely knows the answer!) and can quote most of the movies word for word.

Suzie Doiron

Suzie is the hands-on person at Baltic. She basically touches every order and gets it out to you. She helps out wherever is needed, so her job varies day to day, keeping her on her toes!

Suzie enjoys spending time in nature, and can often be found at the lake, camping, fishing, or boating. Since recently finishing two years on mission trips, she is now a ministry coordinator for various youth groups.

Bill Anderson

When it comes to pick ups & drop offs, Bill is our guy! He is always eager & ready to go, and will most likely be the guy to drop off at your location if we are sending something to you.

Bill enjoys the outdoors and working on/sailing his sailboats. He enjoys spending time with his family and is always there to help someone out when they need.

Jeffrey Ruus

Jeffrey assists with the equipment side of the business. He inflates hundreds of balls and is our go-to heavy lifter.

He enjoys gaming, reading books and playing the piano.

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