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Covermaster, Inc. is the industry’s leading provider of indoor sports surface covers since 1969.

GYMNASIUMS: If you are outfitting a gymnasium, Covermaster has the gymnasium padding and gym carpet that can turn any gym into a true multi-purpose facility. Covermaster, Inc. has been producing top of the line gym floor covers for more than three decades, and is now the industry leading provider of natural turf protection.

We are also able to provide our customers with gym carpet tiles that can protect the gym floor during non-athletic events and dampen noise within the room.

Our selection of sport surface covers also includes a full line of outdoor playing surface covers.

BASEBALL/SOFTBALL: For baseball field groundskeepers, we are able to provide wind weighted tarps for professional and recreational play. Each baseball field tarp that we sell is made of strong, durable materials and can be ordered in a number of colors.

FOOTBALL: For people responsible for maintaining football fields, we can even provide a top of the line football raincover as well.

For years, Covermaster, Inc. has been the preferred choice of groundskeepers at fields around the world including SOCCER pitches/fields, STADIUMS, ICE ARENAS, GOLF COURSES and TENNIS COURTS.


Are slippery gym floors a problem? Courtclean is the answer! Damp-mop your floor in less than 5 minutes and begin playing immediately!

Coaches, it’s time to take the floor for practice. Are your floors a slippery mess after all the use it gets during the day? With Courtclean, while your team is stretching, in less than 5 minutes, one person can easily wet-mop your entire floor and you can start using your floor immediately! Courtclean is easy to use. It’s available in both 6’ and 8’ wide models. Simply dampen the supplied custom towel and attach it to the Courtclean . Then, instead of pushing that old dust mop with wet towels wrapped around it, which took 30 minutes or more, pull the Courtclean up & down the floor. To clean, simply remove and launder the towel. 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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